October 2021

18.10. 07:00 PMČeské Budějovice – Petra Ernyei TRIO (Petra Ernyei-v, A.Tvrdý-g, P. Dvorský–b) Jihočeská vědecká knihovna v Českých Budějovicích, Lidická 1 – Audiosál
24.10. 05:00 PMBřeznice SYNAGOGA – Petra Ernyei Trio (Petra Ernyei-v, A.Tvrdý-g, J. Fečo–b). Březnice 24


16.10.2021 08:30 PMBURGTHANN, Germany - ADAM TVRDÝ TRIO feat. Petra Ernyei (A.Tvrdý-g, P. Dvorský–b, Jiří Stivín-dr, Petra Ernyei–v). House of Music, Lindelburger Strasse 9, Burgthann-Unterferrieden
15.10.2021 06:30 PMJAZZ JAM CHEB 2021- Petra Ernyei Quintet – (Petra Ernyei-zpěv, Osian Roberts-sax, St. Mácha-p, A.Tvrdý-g, J.Greifoner-b, J.Slavíček-dr). Kulturní centrum Svoboda, Za Mostní branou 5, 35002 Cheb
14.10.2021 07:00 PMTHE FARM, Prague – Petra Ernyei Trio (Petra Ernyei-zpěv, A.Tvrdý-g, P. Dvorský–b)
05.10.2021 07:30 PMChampagneria, Prague – Petra Ernyei Trio (Petra Ernyei-v, A.Tvrdý-g, P. Dvorský–b)
01.10.2021 07:00 PMSynagoga Vodňany – KŘEST CD "This is me" - Petra Ernyei-zpěv, A.Tvrdý-g, P. Dvorský – b
28.09.2021 08:30 PMAGHARTA JAZZ CLUB - AghArta Band





SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITIES album has been out! Guitar/Hammond trio with Brian Charette-organ & Petr Mikes-drums


Adam Tvrdý is a guitar instructor at:

Karel Velebný Summer Jazz Workshop Frýdlant (CZ) since 2013

and the


ADAM TVRDÝ TRIO: DOUBLEWELL (listen & download)



Read a review here (in Czech only)

Adam Tvrdy Trio on Czech TV

Interview of the month at Euro jazz radio on June 1, 2012 at 2:00pm



Adam Tvrdy is a guitarist and composer with a multi-genre and intense expression. In his interpretations and improvisations he focuses on his original musical ideas  while respecting traditions and a vocabulary of the musical style being played. Adam plays guitar since age of six and later learns to play bass guitar and drums. Since his childhood he’s been influenced by blues and classic rock, especially by Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and Eric Clapton. Later he discovered the music of Miles Davis and starts to fully focus on learning Jazz. His first main influences were guitar players Pat Metheny, George Benson, Wes Montgomery, and John Scofield.

Adam’s original music could be labeled as contemporary or modern Jazz with elements of his most influential genres e.g. Blues, Classic Rock, Modern and classical jazz, Latin music, Classical music.

Adam studied Jazz guitar with Jaroslav Sindler (KJJ, Prague), and classical guitar with Zdenek Dvorak (MKP, Prague).

Adam Tvrdy has a list of experiences and collaborations with some of the top artists from his domestic scene as we as world scene.

As a guest member participated in shows and recordings with the Czech National Symphonic Orchestra conducted by maestro Ennio Morricone at the Smetana Hall of the Municipal House in Prague, and at Abbey Road Studios in London recording the original soundtrack to Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight. Thanks to more occasional work with the Orchestra (CNSO) Adam played in project like The Beatles Night and the Holywood Night conducted by Carl David.

Another Adam’s experience with film music was meeting and working with composer and trumpet player Terrence Blanchard on his soundtrack for Red Tails.

During years 2000 to 2005 while spending most of his time in the USA Adam met and played with several outstanding musicians such as Essiet Essiet, Tony Moreno, John Serry, Joe Ashlar, Jason Fraticelli, Kendra Shank, Rachel Eckroth, Al Gallodoro.

Also on his home scene he played in projects featuring world artists such as VINX, George Mraz, Wolfgang Hafner, Brian Charette, Karel Růžička Jr., Andy Schofield, Pam Steebler, Victoria Klewin.

Regularly Adam collaborates with some of the best Czech Jazz musicians like for example Jiří Stivín Jr., Jan Jakubec, Petr Dvosrký, Epoque Quartet, František Uhlíř, Karel Růžička, Emil Viklický, Josef Fečo, František Kop, and others.

Besides Jazz Adam occasionally accompanies pop artists such as Eva Pilarova, Vojta Dyk, and Matej Ruppert.

As a guitar player and in some cases also as a co-author Adam has played in theatre plays The Merchant of Venice (William Shakespeare) at the Estates Theatre in Prague, and the play SY at the Meet Factory, Prague.

Since 2016 Adam Tvrdy teaches at the Jaroslav Jezek’s Conservatory (Konzervatoř Jaroslava Ježka - KJJ), Prague as a professor of Jazz, Rock, and Classical guitar.

projects as a band leader:

TOUGH 3 – (Jan Jakubec - bass / Jiří Stivín - drums)

ADAM TVRDÝ/BRIAN CHARETTE PROJECT (Brian Charette - Hammond organ, Petr Mikeš - drums)


projects as a sideman:

Suzanne Higgins Quintet - Jazz quinted led by a british tenorsax player

Agharta Band - Agharta Jazz Centrum Praha

F.U.T. (František Uhlíř Team) – Jazz quartet led by a legendary Chzechoslovakian double bass player

ČNSO - Czech National Symphonic Orchestra

March15 (Switzerland) - Alternative Rock

Adam Taubitz Band (Switzerland) - Jazz Fusion band led by a Swiss violin virtuoso



Adam Tvrdý/Brian Charette Project: SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITIES (Arta Records, 2014)

Adam Tvrdý Trio: DOUBLEWELL (Arta Records, 2012)

Agharta Band: LIVE AT HOME (Arta Records, 2014)

Karel Růžička & Frýdlant All Stars: MILÉNIUM MĚSTA JAZZU (Radioservis, 2014)

Vlastimil Třešňák + Temporary Quintet: ALTER EGO (Galén, 2013 LP+CD)

František Uhlíř: DOUBLE-BASS SESSION (Multisonic, 2008)

František Uhlíř: BASS DEVOTION (Multisonic, 2010)

František Uhlíř: 60 - JAZZ NA HRADĚ (Multisonic, 2010)

MARCH15: KEEP IT LOW (Ahoj-Records, 2011)

Jiří Slíva: NEMYSLI NA TO. (Galén, 2016)

Jiří Slíva: KUP SI BICÍ! (Galén, 2014)

Martin Žák: KDYBYS JEN MOHLA ČÍST V MÉ MYSLI (Martin Žák/Country Home, 2015)

Martin Žák: BLUES PRACUJÍCÍHO MUŽE (Martin Žák/Country Home, 2012)

Miriam Bayle: SONG

Vladimíra Krčková: GO FOR A RICH MAN

Barbara Swinx: COLORS OF LOVE (Arta Records, 2015)

Barbora Mindrinu: CLOSE TO YOU (Divadlo Šansonu, 2007)

Petr Kroutil Orchestra: JUST THE WAY I AM (Arta Records, 2013)

Adam Tvrdý & John Serry (Český Rozhlas, 2007)

BEAT APETIT (Jim Beam Label, 2007)

TRIALOG 2006 (Český Rozhlas, 2006)

TRIALOG 2005 (Český Rozhlas, 2005)

Petr Kořínek a přátelé: JUST FLOATING LIGHTLY (Cube Metier MJCD 2527, 2004)

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